1. Turkish Canal

From the recording PENDULUM (digital)

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when the willows blow
everything you know
and the days they wax and wane

for the cares of your heart
and the loves you might start
and the song of your life remains

through the peaked and bleak
to the riches you seek
the choice has always been yours

divine in the time
just look for the sign
and some day i'll be standing
at your door

over the ocean
cross the beaten ground
when true love comes looking
it's best you be found

highways and heartbreaks
and the train's lonesome sound
it's a long way to berlin
and it's turkish canal

when the choirs of madness
feed on the sadness
and hope turns to despair
listen for your voice
the only true voice
the one that clings to the air

follow the way
takes you that day
and the ghosts will all fade away

whether you follow the goes
and step aside the stays
or let grow the roots that remain

you'll be haunted by day
and the waking nights
by the games
that love likes to play

there's beauty within
the lonely that sin
for their love
will always transcend

the idea that a man
will make his last stand
for the one
with his picture in her eyes